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30th-Nov-2015 03:27 pm - Fanfic Archive(up@100129)
Vinseop EAT

Community for Dominant!Donghae and Submissive!Eunhyuk fanworks
Layout by inuvampy <333

NEWEST UPDATE@Sweetest Poision

Poison Candy HaeHyuk Nc-17 for inuvampy
Fallen Flower-Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 HaeHyuk

My fic are 100% haehyuk,and 99% NC-17 8DCollapse )
Vinseop EAT


I can't decide between Elivin and Vinseop anymore *sobbing*

I think I will love pocky day so much from now on
20th-Oct-2010 07:16 pm - 8DDDDDDDD
Teamin Evilness
I FINALLY FINISH SOME FAN ART wonder why it took me so long

Title: Keep out!
Fanwork: Fanart
Pairing: Elivin Eli/Kevin from U-kiss 8D
Raiting: PG-13 (can I rate this PG-13? D8)
Just topless but the pic look totally Yaoi so you may want to watch your beck before look at it ;)
16th-Oct-2010 03:40 pm - post to say I'm alive
Vinseop EAT
Yes and sorry that I gone for so long
my computer being so weird for all these time
like the screen will suddenly went green and black and I didn't have money or time to fix it until now :(
and I must say I'm toooooo lazzzyyy to use my phone doing internet and whenever I'm using it too long it will freeze

and well today when I finally log in I got 522 massage in my LJ
OMG *slap face*

About who want to translate my fic I will say I'm totally OK with it if you tell me and put Credit on
and Thank you so much!    I LOVE YOU<3

and about fic I really sorry to say this but I don't think I can continue the long chapter fic anymore
it's just that I'm totally lost
On the plot I totally forgot what I was writing about
On my English that I feel like I won't be able to speak English anymore D8
Kill me for keep somebody waiting for nothing shoot me omg
but I still thinking about drawing and maybe writting short fic sometime
BTW other then HaeHyuk I think I want to do some Elvin's fandom too 8D
Well see you around but I won't be as active as before though 8(

Life suck and I need money to survive but it's ok as long as I can see pretty boys flirt.
17th-May-2010 01:23 am - About Rocker_Rabbit
Vinseop EAT
I been thinking about it all these day and decided that maybe I should just make an official anousement so that everybody know

I know I been stuck with HaeHyuk and so do I now
(HaeHyuk is the only NC-17 I can write or draw LOL)

But from now I'll be posting my fanart for other kpop in my community other than HaeHyuk as well

I'm actually planning to do some U-kiss fanart right now xD

honestly speaking, last time when I post Jongkey fanart, my friend comment for me
I was so happy that you guys care but in the same time I feel really ackwark when they say 'but I miss your heahyuk' in jongkey community

I know you didnt mean to be mean or anything and I'm so happy that ppl miss me but also ackward like I disapointing people...I feel really sorry...

I'm sorry if I make you disapoint:(

now I said what I wanted to say! and I promise to ppl who are waiting too that when I have omg super wonderful idea for HaeHyuk I'll update ASAP!
15th-May-2010 05:00 pm - Fan(?) remix of Ring Ring Dong
Vinseop EAT

So Random but I accidently found it and think it's very nice that I want to share 8D
my favorite part is around 2:50
what I like most is it change the feeling of the song without destroy the original vocal

I'm still waiting for SHINee's come back here 8/

btw Did everyone know who is brave brother? I accidently DL the song and it so nice but I have no idea who is he/they or perhaps she LOL
my life under cutCollapse )
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1st-May-2010 11:25 am - Vote for me!! 8DDDD
Vinseop EAT

P.S: I'm on holiday now so I'll be around here for awhile baby! OMG OH YES! HAEHYUK FIC COMING SOOOONNNNNN
22nd-Apr-2010 03:22 pm - [fanart] Butterfly-Jongkey
Teamin Evilness
Sorry for people who was waiting for HaeHyuk from me 8/
it will come soon I promise!

title: Butterfly
Artist: xx69rabbit69xx 
pairing: Jongkey
rating: PG (to be safe)

25th-Mar-2010 04:40 pm - Abracadabra/ Eunhyuk
Vinseop EAT
Title: Abracadabra(cover) xD
Character: Eunhyuk and other ninja
Pairing: Everybody/Eunhyuk, and ninja HaeHyuk lol
Rating:PG-13 for a bit nudity and umm... posing?
*click to see full pic*
12th-Mar-2010 05:35 pm - PINKKILLER/haehyuk
Vinseop EAT
Fanwork: Fanart
character: Donghae/Eunhyuk
Pairing: HaeHyuk, haeeun, eunhae
Rating:PG-13 for whip and some nudity and sexual posses
warning: bed word, whip, tied, SM costume.... again LOL
click on pic to see the entry
10th-Mar-2010 03:20 am - Black star/HaeHyuk
Vinseop EAT
Title: Black star
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating:PG-13 for wipe and some nudity? LOL
waring: bed word, wipe, tied, SM costume LOL
8th-Mar-2010 07:56 pm - will be gone for awhile
Vinseop EAT
I been really busy and exhausted lately that I don't even have time or energy to open my laptop to check my mail

(now I writing this entry through my phone)

and I think I should write this before people thought I'm dead LOL

I will be gone for awhile and I wont be around talking in tweet or MSN like before D:

I still going to update my fic though coz its the only thing I can do to let out my stress xD;

anyway I will be back around at the end of april^^
So see ya&please dont forgot me<3
26th-Feb-2010 06:03 pm - bowl of strawberries3/3
Vinseop EAT
title: bowl of strawberries
fanwork: Fanart, Comic/Doujin
Pairing: HaeHyuk
genre: NC-17!!!!
Warning:it will be smut part in this chapter so please beware if you don't like it
Thanks to inuvampy  cherrybeylla for fixing my poor english! 8D
20th-Feb-2010 08:40 pm - Eunhyuk/Eunja
Vinseop EAT
title: Eunja's fanart
fanwork: Fanart
character: Eunhyuk or what he call himself Eunja on that show
warning: cross-dress, large picture
rating: PG for too short skirt and little bit of sexual pose
19th-Feb-2010 03:59 pm - 1 page comic
Vinseop EAT
Fanwork: Fanart, Comic/Doujin
Pairing: HaeHyuk
genre: Crack
Raiting: PG (just soome slightly perverted talk)
Got an idea from cherrybeylla when she show me Eunhyuk and Leeteuk in SHINee's Hello Baby
and Thanks to hyukhae4ever for checked my English<3
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