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Fallen Flower 2

Title: Fallen Flower
multiple chapters fiction
Pairing: haehyuk
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, AU
Rating: PG
Beta-ed bytees2mai Thank you so much!!!<3333
*English is not my first language but I had try my best
*Base in Japan around 1940s so please go to list of word at the end if you found something you don't know or just ask me ;D

Fallen Flower
Chapter 2

Warm sun and soft bed, Hyukjae smiling to himself as nothing can be better than this for his tried and sore body now.
A slim body rolled up like a small little kitten trying to stay close to warmness surrounding him, thinking about what he should have for breakfast before another hard work today. He really didn’t want to wake up yet because he felt so comfortable in bed.
But seconds later, his sweet thoughts were gone, to Hyukjae’s horror, an arm circled his shoulders. His eyes shot open and he lifted his face up to find himself sleeping with other boy and everything from last night came back to him.

‘I’m going buy you tonight, Hyukjae’

The dry tears were still on his face, red marks were left around his neck. He was in pain and bruises were all over his body.

On the other side, Donghae groans and moves away as the bright sunlight shines into his face, making Hyukjae yelp as the other boy suddenly holds his waist and flips both of them into another position. He yelped in pain one his back hit on the floor and all the damage from last night ran through his body.

“Hum….Too early… I think I have a hangover…..”

Like a little child Donghae hid his face from the bright sun in Hyukjae’s white shoulder, Wrapping his hand around his thin waist while other hand went up to play with soft hair. All the while Hyukjae stared at his ceiling with blank eyes.
It was a weird feeling to Hyukjae; he didn’t feel like crying anymore. Maybe it was because he already cried enough last night. Everything was so confused to Hyukjae.
So what he should do now? Should he call police? And what? Tell them he got raped by a man? How embarrassing would that be!

While Hyukjae was lost in his mind, suddenly he hissed out, his face bright pink shade again as he can feel the other’s skin that was on his own bare skin making him wake up from his thought.
Maybe… he should just get this person away from him first.
The boy slowly pushed Donghae away, trying to be gentle so he wouldn’t wake him up. After he successfully pushed the boy off him and onto the makeshift bed, when Hyukjae tried to stand up but fell on the floor from all the pain that ran though his hip.
It was hurt so bad that Hyukjae swear he just want to kick the sleeping boy so bad but then he just bit on his bottom lip before trying to stand up again. He turned around to get his blanket from the closet, putting it on the boy, folding all the clothes that Donghae had thrown around last night before carefully take a look at the sleeping boy.
Both of his eyes were closed tight with thin baby pink lips unconsciously open apart for his breath making his face looks so peaceful and childish,
‘How can someone look so different when he’s sleeping?’
Hyukjae thought to himself as he couldn’t believe it was the same face he saw last night, before going into the kitchen for something to eat.

Now the room was getting much warmer and the sunlight was even brighter that Donghae couldn’t stand it anymore, he opened his eyes as he could feel his face almost burning from the sun light, his eyes looking around the room and widening in surprise when he saw he was alone in the room.
He takes a look around the room again and grinned as he found a tray of rice, soup, fried fish, and some kimchi side dishes lying on the table, he didn’t get to eat tradition Korean food since he move from Korean to Japan, none of his servants in Japan know how to cook it and his family never cooked anyway.
Well, maybe the boy wasn’t that bad, at least he didn’t just leave him with nothing?
Everything was already cold but it was surprisingly tasty and much better than anything he had eaten before.
If he judged by the clean room, nicely fold clothes and breakfast, Donghae would have concluded he was in a girl’s room- but only if he didn’t remember last night so clearly.
The rich boy started feeling hot just by remembering Hyukjae moaning under him.
He quickly shook his head trying to forget it but suddenly his eyes stopped at a white letter on top of his clothes.
He kind of wondered why Hyukjae can’t just wake him up if he had something to tell him before grabbed on the letter.
‘Maybe it was something he couldn’t say directly?’
He couldn’t help but grin while he tried to think of what was written in the letter, but his silly grinned quickly disappeared as he finished reading the small paper.

Please just eat and leave, and let’s forget last night. It was a mistake you made.
Lee Hyukjae

The young man screamed all the way home, while he walked on the street and he didn’t care if peopled stared on him.
So what? Go ahead! Just watch as much as they want! He doesn’t care! But for god’s sake- Please just leave!? Mistake!?
“Didn’t anyone ever taught that guy manners!?”
He mumbled to himself as he walked across the street, feeling so pissed at how the slim boy who looked weak could treat him like that and stomp on his pride even Donghae couldn’t explain either if manner has anything to do with it.
“Well, it was disgusting for me too to sleep with a boy like you!!”
Once he reached the other side road, passing all the old buses and black shinny cars, he yelled out again, didn’t care that people started to look at him with anxious eyes.
Oh Yes! He’s a victim too! He wouldn’t have had sex with that boy if he wasn’t as drunk as he was last night.
Donghae closed his eyes trying to think of how disgusting it was to him that he slept just with someone same gender as him.
‘Yes, Disgusting…. Totally disgusting….’
But all the thoughts that came to his mind were all about how soft the skin he touched, licked, kissed was. The clear tears that were running down from his dark eyes, sweet erotic scent from his body, sound of the other man pants, moan, cries of his name.
Donghae quickly shook his face before the picture could be clearer to him, his face was already turning slightly bright before he rubbed his face with a small sigh.
‘…..Ha… I must be really tried…

Meanwhile, inside the dark old bar fulfilled with bottle of alcohol, whisky and flowers with few orange lights on the way, in the kitchen Hyukjae was washing the dished, as he has to make sure everything was clean and ready for the bar open again in evening.
He was the only man who was working in this bar and his job was mainly in the kitchen- cooking cleaning stocking but sometimes he would be a waiter. The pay wasn’t much but he loved to work here, it was the only place he felt save.
“Hyukjae…I heard what happened last night”
The woman who looks older than him walked into the room, while Hyukjae quickly pulled up his collar to try to cover all the marks on his neck.
“I heard that you have fight with that boy Donghae, Are you OK?”

Hyukjae can see how worried she was about him by her soft gentle voice, he thought for awhile about what he should answer before smiling back at her.
“Sorry that I made you worried Madam, we were fine though”
“So what happen? Girls told me that after the both of you left the bar you didn’t return again”
“Well I getting him to calm down and he fell asleep in my room.”
He turned back to washing the dishes again as he try to hide his face; Hyukjae was never good at lying anyways.
“That’s good that he didn’t do anything to you”
Madam sighted in relief before putting a cigarette into her mouth and lighting it up while Hyukjae just continued washing the dishes feeling guilty inside that he just lie on her.
“I would be heartbroken if anything happened to you”
She whispered with a sad smile on her face.
“You’re like my own son, Hyukjae”

Soon the bar was slowly getting busy as it was getting darker outside. Hyukjae was also busying taking orders and serving all the customers. After few hours, when everybody was busy drinking and talking to the woman next to them, Hyukjae finally got his quick break. He turned on the radio and sat down in the corner of the kitchen, taking out the lunch box Madam had bought for him that night since he couldn’t cook his own meal.

After hard work, food and music, he was feeling much better now and he couldn’t feel the pain that much anymore- as long as he didn’t clumsily bump into anything or make a rough move.
Last night he experienced one of the worst thing a human could experience, but the weird thing was that he was still working like normal and eating. And on top of that, he was still alive, so maybe he could just forgot about it and move on, pretend it was just a bad dream, something that never happen before, everything from last night was all just a…
Yes! Mistake! It was all just a mistake. Hyukjae nodded and tries to pick the last piece of meat but frowned as he found just an empty box, did he just drop it somewhere?
He tries to look around but suddenly something warm was blowing at his ear making Hyukjae scream and drop the box onto the floor. He quickly rubbed his ears, goose bumps running all over his body while someone just laughed next to him.
Donghae laughed loudly while chewing on a piece of meat that he had just stolen from Hyukjae’s lunch box.
“You really have sensitive ears, don’t you?”
The younger said with chuckle while Hyukjae just glared back at him with anger.
“What the hell are you doing here!?”
He yelled before looking around to see if there was any place he could run to and hide.
“Come on, don’t say that! I was worried about you!”
“Wow. Thank you so much! Then why did you just steal my meal?”
“Oh I thought you are not going to eat it?”
Donghae said with an innocent smile while Hyukjae just rolled his eyes before putting the box back into his bag. He stood up and got ready to go back to work.

“Your cooking was better though”
“I don’t care... couldn’t you just go away please?”
Hyukjae said pointing at the door.
“Hey! Can’t you say something nice for a change?”
“No, now leave I have to go back to work now”
Then Hyukjae turned his back to the young boy, failing to notice the evil smirk on his thin beautiful lips.
“What the!?”
The poor boy yelped as Donghae grabbed his arm and roughly threw him against the wall, making his face scrunch in discomfort as the pain ran back to him.
“Aw….It must be so painful, right?”
Both of his hands had been pinned above his head, and his body frozen in fear as his shirt was being slowly unbuttoned by the other’s long fingers. Cold fingers ran across his smooth skin, before he was grabbed roughly by the collar, his shirt moved back until marks from last night were visible.

“I was worried if you still can walk today… you know?”
He said with a grin. Donghae ran his nose long Hyukjae’s neck, smiling as he saw him more scared then before.
“C…..can you please let me go?”
“And now you speak nicely to me?”
Donghae pressed his body against Hyukjae’s more. He pushed his leg up, in between the others legs and Hyukjae turned a shade of pink as he felt Donghae’s knew rub against his groin.
“A... Ah… Don’t! .... Don’t!”
Hyukjae cried out begging for the other to stop but the younger man who already knew Hyukjae’s sensitive part, just kept teasing him. Putting his tongue against the others ear, forcing Hyukjae to let out a soft moan from his plump lips.
Why was he doing this? Donghae frowned and gently bite onto his soft earlobe. This was not the plan. At first he just wants to tease Hyukjae but once he heard the sweet moan from the other man, he started losing control, and he didn’t know what he was doing anymore.
When Donghae let go of Hyukjae’s hands to hold his waist, Hyukjae quickly pushed the other boy away as hard as he could, but it didn’t seems to work at all as the other man seems to be stronger than him so he tried to cry for help.
But once he opened his mouth, his scream was swallowed by Donghae’s soft lips, leaving only muffled moan. His hands hit on the others larger shoulders; trying to free himself even it was all helpless now.

Tears slowly form on the corner of his eyes, but he still fought back as he really didn’t want to cry. He hated crying, He hated being weak, he couldn’t be weak now.

“Donghae chan~~ Where are you!? Let’s go!!”

A girl shouted around the bar and came inside the kitchen, making Donghae stop his actions. Hyukjae took his chance and pushed Donghae away as hard as he could.
The boy pants harshly trying to catch his breath and wipes the fluid off his chin that he didn’t even realize was there before. While Donghae looks back at the door feeling kind of irritate at how he got disturbed.
When he looked back at Hyukjae again, Donghae reached his hand out to help the boy fix his clothes as he saw his shirt was all messed up, but it got slapped away.
Hyukjae’s thin shoulders were now shaking with fear. Anger was clearly visible in those eyes, his lips all plump and swollen from earlier abuse.
Donghae couldn’t stay any longer, so he let out a sigh and headed towards the door, but when he just about to close the door, Donghae turned to Hyukjae to whisper something to the boy.

“Maybe you was right Hyukjae, maybe we should just forgot it”

Hyukjae looked back at the boy with confusion, only to found an evil smirk on younger boy’s face.

“I would prefer a gorgeous woman than a slim monkey boy like you anyway”


A/N: I know I fail! Yes! Slap me!
I’m taking so long to update this chap and yet! What is this chap!?
I don’t know I just don’t think the story in this chapter is that good and well I told you this story is not really excite!! Ahhh!!! I promise I’ll try to do better on next chap T_T
Thank you so much for stop by and read it and Comment is really LOVE <3
Tags: fallen flower, fandom: super junior, pairing: haehyuk
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