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I'm mad. You're mad. We're all mad here.


My bias are...

My fanwork are...

About me...
SuJu, SHINee, U-kiss mafaverite OPT is HAEHYUK, My fic and drawing are always top!Donghae and Bottom!Eunhyuk becaurse I like it, what else did I need for a reason to write this CP? LOL
And I also like Jongkey CP, Eli/Kevin, Kemaru and Other stuff and planing to make more fandom in future too =)"
NC-17!!! Ok maybe not all, butmy fic and Drawing are mostly rate NC-17 for having sexual theme in it becaurse I like it, I put my warning in every of my entry though so if you ignore it and being like "OH WTF!!MY EYES!!!!" then I can't do anything about it^^ Yaoi manga is my bible and Pervert is my middle name. I like to write NC-17 more then eating meal oh yes. Name name is pup and I'm not native speaker but I want to get better on English and always welcome to make a new frined =)
Also Please...
-NO HARSH COMMENT(I maybe won't say anything back to you but rmember that what you say will always left on my mind)
-NO FLAMING (because you'll broke my glasses heart ;P)
-Do not plagiarized my work (even I know no one are stupid enough to steal my fail work XD)
Thank you for everyone who read and understand this and I hope you will enjoy my fanwork ;D
Love you all<3

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From hae_hyuk Thank you so much!

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